The tragedy of abortion

Wed. 05/04/22 – In this country the abortion issue probably will never be satisfactorily resolved. As long as there are so many women who believe it is appropriate to terminate their pregnancy simply because it’s inconvenient, while others believe that abortion is morally equivalent to murder, there is little or no room for compromise.

I believe abortion is repugnant, but I don’t think think it should criminalized. History clearly shows that outlawing abortion doesn’t work. I think the government should maximize efforts to discourage the practice while keeping it safe and legal. (But what do I know?)

Now that leaked documents reveal that the Supreme Court is about to reverse the 1973 Roe v Wade decision, the Liberals are enraged. Some legal analysts claim that the 1973 decision is flawed, and that it would ultimately be reversed, so not everyone is surprised. But what this now means is that there is no Constitutionally protected right to abortion, and the States can legislate how abortion should be handled.

Now the various State legislatures can enact laws regulating or prohibiting abortion according to the wishes of their citizens. That sounds like a pretty reasonable approach, but why are the liberals so upset? If they believe their own propaganda about how popular abortion is with so many Americans, they should have no problem getting favorable legislation passed throughout the country.

But that’s not what’s happening. They’re throwing their toys out of their playpen. They’re threatening to pack the Supreme Court, end the Senate filibuster, and all the other hare-brained schemes they propose whenever they’re frustrated. Apparently all the reasonable people, the rational, adult types, have abandoned the Democrat party, and now the inmates have taken over the asylum. How they continue to to be elected to public office is a mystery I’ll never understand.

It seems likely that several states will ban or severely restrict, what I call convenience abortions, which will surely lead to “mostly peaceful” protests and probably riots by leftist agitators. Remember, these are the people who claim to be more tolerant than everyone else.

Rush was right!