Something is going on

Fri 02/11/22 – The Freedom Convoy protesters are still blocking various places in Canada while waiting for the authorities to make their next move. Other than threatening the truckers with outrageous fines, loss of licenses, etc. it has been suspiciously quiet. I suspect something like a police raid in the wee hours, but I think the politicians have figured out that there is a significant portion of the population on the side of the protesters, and there are undoubtedly a pretty large number of people who will support the protesters if the authorities don’t treat them fairly. The hardcore government supporters will never recognize any legitimacy to the protest, so they are not an issue.

But there is a lot of attention focused on these protests all around the world. If the government doesn’t behave honestly, not only will there be negative reactions from other countries, but those Canadians who have not chosen sides yet will be inclined to join the protesters. The government’s refusal to start a discussion with the truckers, which is the obvious solution, leads me to believe they’re going to react with violence.

Whatever happens the truckers must remain peaceful, and let the authorities demonstrate what thugs they actually are, because I think the truckers have already won. And with even more of the population supporting them they can do this again. as often as necessary to get the government to accept its role as a servant of the people.

Even if the government does not do something stupid in the dark of night, the people are seeing how these otherwise ordinary Canadian citizens are being treated. They’re accused of bring racists, Nazis, enemies of the state, and who knows what else. Demonizing your opponents has long been a favorite strategy of the Left. But these men and women are your friends and neighbors who are protesting for your freedoms too.

I sense that something will happen soon, which will begin another chapter of this saga which is far from over. We’ll see.

Rush was right!