Quite a surprise

Wed. 02/09/21 – Just after posting yesterday’s blog I checked one of my news sources (Citizen Free Press) and discovered that a Canadian judge has ruled that the confiscation of fuel, and who knows what else, from the Freedom Convoy truckers by the police was inappropriate, and he (she ?) ordered that all the seized items be returned to the truckers. I watched a video of that happening in Ottawa.

I was stunned. This confiscation seemed to me to be a pretty restrained approach for ending the protest by the authorities, which I feared would rather quickly end it. After all the authorities are undoubtedly being pressured to put a stop to the inconvenience and disorder by a number of factions.

I think this Canadian Freedom Convoy has become an incredibly important political movement which is going to have repercussions far and wide. Although they have not yet won the war to restore personal freedoms, they have focused the world’s attention on the tyrannical reactions that most governments have had to the Wuhan Flu debacle. The world truly is watching.

I understand that the fake news media (fnm, they’re not worthy of capital letters) is doing their best to ignore this watershed protest, while the actual news sources are spreading the word. Of course if some Canadian trucker is goaded into doing something stupid, the fnm will begin round-the-clock coverage of the insurrection.

I am in awe of the protesters. Their discipline is remarkable. The word is way over-used, but these people really are AWESOME. There has been no violence, no property destruction, and no disorder. The truckers seem to be maintaining a cordial relationship with the police. Except for a few what seem to be leftist agitators, everyone is peacefully doing their thing. But the situation is, by its nature, unstable. It is intended to force a change. What will happen next is anybody’s guess.

Keep your eye on it, because history is being made. Good Luck Freedom Lovers

Rush was right!