Disorder north of the border

Tues – 02/08/22 – I have been watching with great interest the very high stakes chess match that is being played by our neighbors to the north. The Freedom Convoy truckers have waged an exceptional duel with the Canadian authorities which I’m sure is being carefully studied by nervous authorities around the world who fear they may soon have to face a similar demonstration on the steps of their government buildings, because of their ruthless, and unnecessary, restrictions on the personal freedoms of their citizens in the fruitless attempt to control a respiratory infection.

The incredible self control exhibited by the protesters is essential for their success, just as it was for the civil rights protesters in the USA in the 1950s and 60s. Protesters must be peaceful and orderly. Violence destroys the legitimacy of the protest, and it degenerates into a riot. As far as I know, there has been absolutely no violence, property destruction, or disorderly conduct by the protesters, which I find very encouraging. It makes the authorities’ heavy-handed actions against the protesters look like abuse of police powers.

There are various aspects of this demonstration influencing its outcome so it’s impossible to predict with any certainty how it will tun out. Many citizens of Canada, in Ottawa and various other places, are being terribly inconvenienced. For some travel has become impossible, or nearly so. Lives are being disrupted. The longer the protesters remain, the worse the situation for the affected citizens becomes. The authorities realize that they must do something.

So far the government response has been to try to interfere with the protesters’ ability to continue the demonstration rather than to engage them and discuss the loss of personal freedoms which has sparked this protest. But the authorities are being out-played by the truckers, and I fear that they (the authorities) will soon begin to use brute force to clear the streets. (It’s great that all the heavy duty towing companies have refused to tow away the protesters trucks. They realize they can’t, because the towing companies depend on the same truckers for their livelihood.)

As long as the authorities continue to refuse to negotiate with the protesters, and their efforts to rid the streets of the trucks fail, they are more likely to become frustrated and do something desperate, and probably violent. It is amazing that our neighbors to the north, who are known for being polite, friendly, and peaceful, find themselves in this situation.

It appears to me that the obvious solution is for the authorities to immediately drop all the Wuhan flu restrictions and mandates, which is pretty unlikely. The next best thing would be for the authorities to start a dialog with the truckers. I fear that that might not happen either. We’ll see.

We are living in strange times. The way the medical establishment and governments have reacted to this so-called pandemic is unlike anything that has been seen before. When has the medical establishment ever refused to treat sick people? Why are effective treatments being banned by government agencies and hospitals? Why are governments mandating the use of dangerous, experimental, gene therapies? Why haven’t our truckers clogged the streets of Washington D. C. and the state capitols where such mandates exist? What do we have to do to restore our freedom?

I believe a slumbering giant has been awoken. The people are tired of this crap.

Rush was right!