Appearance is not reality

Thur. 02/10/22 – There are interesting developments in Ottawa to day. When the fuel that was confiscated by the police was returned to the Freedom Convoy truckers, they wisely checked to see it the police had tampered with it, and they discovered that it was contaminated with water, and perhaps other foreign material. As this chicanery was being investigated by the truckers, someone decided to question exactly who was the judge that ordered the return of the fuel, and could find no hard information. It appears that the police were making an attempt to sabotage the truckers by disabling their trucks. How low can you go? Long after the truck leave Ottawa and the other blockades, the truckers will remember that the police tried to surreptitiously sabotage them.

Surely this is illegal, but if it were successful it would prolong the protest rather than end it. Think about it, as the situation is now, when the truckers decide to withdraw form Ottawa, they can simply drive off. But if the authorities disable their trucks removing them from the city becomes a monumental task. Apparently the authorities are becoming desperate and stupid.

Meanwhile the authorities are trying to seize the millions of dollars contributed to the GIVE-SEND-GO account by their supporters around the world, but the givesendgo people say the Canadian authorities have no jurisdiction over them, so we’ll have to wait and see how that goes.

And while the chaos surrounds the protest, the truckers remain peaceful and resolute. They are standing their ground while the authorities make fools of themselves and demonstrate how dishonest and inept they are. The Canadian authorities have shown they’re unworthy of anyone’s respect or support and too corrupt to govern anyone.

I continue to believe this is an incredibly important political movement, that will have an impact throughout most, if not all, of the free world. The world sees Canadians as docile, level-headed, friendly people, who quietly live their lives trying to get along with everyone, but here you have a significant portion of the population figuratively raising the middle fingers in the faces of the authorities. Their tolerance for the authoritarian crap has been greatly exceeded.

It is exciting, but it is also scary. It could blow up at any moment. And it is a very sad day when the police demonstrate that they can not be trusted. Trust is very difficult to regain once it is lost. But, perhaps things are not exactly as they seem. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

Rush was right!

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  1. Along with you, I applaud the participants of the Freedom Convoy! What a sacrifice they are making.

    Since your post, the Canadian Prime Minister is taking them to their knees rather than have a conversation further entrenching the need for the power of the people.

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