A painful lesson

Sun. 02/06/22 – It has been a while since I was sufficiently motivated to add anything here because so many others were, so much more eloquently, saying what I was thinking. There is no shortage of people discussing the sad state of our current national politcal situation or the the Wuhan flu debacle.

I thought that while escaping the midwest winter weather here in sunny south Florida I would be more motivated to post more of my thoughts here, but that wasn’t the case. There probably aren’t very many readers who come here, so my neglect is not very important. But today I want to reflect on an unfolding tragedy.

Some time last year it became obvious to me that Dr. Fauci and his ilk in the bureaucracy, along with the majority of the medical establishmant in this country had abandoned their principles and integrity and no longer providing reliable Wuhan flu information. I didn’t want to believe that the people who are supposed to help the public with medical care and advise were no longer sources for reliable information or medical care.

Of course I had hoped that my personal doctor was not part of this “only the vaccines can save us” cabal, but I was uncertain, so in August I decided to send him a link to a talk given by Dr. Peter McCullough, and asked his opinion of what Dr. McCullough had to say. This is his response:

“Dr. McCollough (sic) has not been following the evidence and has been spreading a lot of misinformation about the pandemic. This is not a doctor that I would recommend you listen to. He is down the conspiracy theory type ideas and most of his ideas are not based in good evidence based studies or science. I hope this helps but there are several people out there that are spreading quite a bit of misinformation that is leading to a lot of confusion in patients.”

Not only did my doctor ignore all of the points made by Dr. McCullough, but he just parroted the leftist talking points, instead of presenting any facts to dispute what Dr. McCullough had to say. I suspect that he never watched the hour-long video, but he had already decided that he was not going to be influenced by any actual facts about the pandemic.

Until that point I had a pretty high level of trust in my doctor and the medical establishment in general, but those days are gone. When I visited my doctor for my semiannual checkup he advised me to get the “booster” vaccine shot. I refused. When he asked why, I didn’t answer, because it would have been pointless. He had lost my trust and he’ll never get it back. I guess I need to find another doctor.

Rush was right!