Is it just me?

Wed. 12/22/21 – Well here we (Murphy and I) are in North Miami FL evading the Midwest winter weather for three months. I thought I would be motivated to spend more time with this little blog, but that hasn’t panned out yet. But I did promise myself that I would do more walking here than I was doing at home because I really do need the exercise and without a fenced yard I’ll have to take Murphy out to potty every day. Actually he doesn’t require a lot of trips, and there is plenty of yard around the place we’re staying, but just wandering about in the yard here doesn’t provide much exercise.

So, I have been walking him around the block. It happens to be almost exactly three quarters of a mile. We stop a lot, so it takes about half an hour. I cant say why, but I much prefer to take walks that circle around rather than go out and back the same route. I’ve known this about myself for quite a while and wondered if other people feel the same.

The neighborhood where I live near Cincinnati is not divided into rectangular blocks like more urban areas. To make a lap around my “block” one would have to travel about six miles. A lap around the “block” across the street from my house is about four and a half miles. Since about two miles is my usual limit, walking around the block there is not an option. There were a number of different routes I could take for a one to two mile walk, but it always involved reaching a point where I turned around and went back the way I came. That just was not very satisfying to me, but I can’t tell you why.

I’m enjoying having the ability to walk around the block here. Murphy probably doesn’t care one way or the other. Anyone else have preferences like mine?

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