Polls instead of news

Thu. 11/18/21 – Polls have probably always been an important part of political campaigns. Everyone running for public office wants to know how best to appeal to voters. He or she is interested in knowing their opinions on the current issues. Polls are also useful to others, such as manufacturers contemplating bringing a new product to the market, but those polls are not the subject of propaganda which gets passed off as news by the fake news media, and the other news media as well. (The more conservative news outlets spend a lot of time discussing the results of polls too.)

I must admit that I have no recent experience with the fake news media, because I quit watching that about 20 years ago, and I haven’t had a TV for about 15 years, so I don’t even to get to see FoxNews. But I do listen to radio and I visit a lot of news sites on the Internet. I think I can safely say that all of the so-called news today is saturated with polls, which aren’t really what I would describe as news. When did the “average” person’s opinion become news-worthy?

It’s no secret that the manner the questions in a survey are worded can have a significant impact on the results obtained. People can be easily manipulated, so for a useful survey the questions must be very carefully worded in order to avoid steering the results toward some desired result. The propagandists, er I mean news organizations, do usually say who conducted the poll they’re citing, but who knows how the questions were worded or how skewed the results may be.

But the biggest fault I see with polls is that they tabulate peoples’ opinions, which in many cases, may have little or no value. One may have a strong opinion about a subject while possessing absolutely no direct knowledge about. It is not at all uncommon for people to adopt an opinion as a result of a brief conversation with a friend or acquaintance. And the friend or acquaintance may know little or nothing about the subject. And of course, many people form opinions based on misinformation they get from the fake news media. In addition, when the questions are about current events or issues, which can change rapidly, peoples’ opinions change just as rapidly.

Based on this dubious data the propagandists make predictions for the next several election cycles which are never accurate because reality intervenes, the situation changes, as do peoples’ opinions. But no one is held accountable, and this is what passes for news.

On his radio program Rush Limbaugh often spoke of how, many years ago most journalists actually were interested in collecting and factually reporting news, but now they’re on a mission to promote a political viewpoint, advance an agenda, and change the world. I lost my respect for, and faith in journalists a long time ago. The so-called main stream media is a toxic sewer. Where’s Roto-Rooter (R) when you need them?

Growing old makes one cynical. Forget the polls. Report the news.

Rush was right!