No booster for me

Fri. 11/12/21 – Why don’t I want a Wuhan Virus booster shot? The benefit does not justify the risk. If I knew then what I know now I wouldn’t have gotten the vaccine in the first place.

When the the Wuhan Virus was brought to this country at the beginning of last year it quickly metamorphosed from a medical problem to a political issue, and the medical community reacted in ways unlike anything that has been seen here before. Instead of trying to treat the symptoms and find effective therapies for this new disease, the medical community, guided by CDC directives sent patients home until they became so sick that hospitalization was required. By then, for most, it was too late, and they died. The few doctors who refused to comply with the CDC dictates were ridiculed, despite their successes. Anyone who didn’t follow the CDC script was demonized.

Drugs like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin were found to be effective in many cases if administered in the early stages of the disease, but their use was essentially forbidden. For no apparent reason every approach, except for a vaccine, was discouraged, belittled, and obstructed. Anyone who disagreed was marginalized, ridiculed, and accused of not following the science, which actually was no longer a part of the process. Only the politics mattered at this point. This new religion required the adherence to the vaccine dogma; anything else was unacceptable, and had to be suppressed.

So, inadequately tested, never before used, mRNA vaccines were rushed to market after the manufacturers were given blanket immunity from lawsuits for damages resulting from their use, and the authorities issued Emergency Use Authorizations. They were even approved for use by pregnant women, which had never happened before. The long established testing procedures used to establish the safety of a vaccine were ignored. The whole process was a sham.

Soon after the vaccines were widely distributed it became painfully obvious that not only did their efficacy decline rapidly as the virus mutated, but reports were pouring into VAERS describing thousands of vaccine related deaths and other serious medical problems. The spike protein produced by the immune system after vaccination was extremely dangerous, and the vaccine was producing horrible side effects in a large number of people, which would have been discovered with proper testing.

So now, even the authorities agree, we have vaccines that neither prevent one from acquiring the disease, nor spreading it to others, which have caused thousands of deaths and other serious medical problems, being forced onto a large portion of the population that doesn’t want it. And this is being done with a religious zeal which is very frightening in, what is supposed to be, a free country.

It has been a long time since I had much faith or trust in anyone involved in politics, or any government agencies, but I never expected the medical community to abandon its principals and integrity, and discard its credibility, as it has done since the beginning of 2020. The welfare of the patient is no longer paramount. I’m not sure what is, but my trust is gone. As long as it continues to disseminate vaccine propaganda, and ignore the obvious problems with the “vaccine only” approach of dealing with this virus I will be very suspicious of its motives.

This whole affair doesn’t quite make sense to me. I don’t like to counted among wacky conspiracy theorists, but it seems to me that there is much more here than meets the eye, something sinister I fear. We may never know.

Rush was right!

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  1. The loss of trust is key!

    That which has been demonstrated through the politicization of the pandemic forces us to have conspiracies when the evidence is clear that our health is not paramount based on their actions of withholding beneficial treatments. Couple that with the country’s leftist flow of “piling on” augmentation of capitalism to socialism/communism further repels attempts of democratic controlled governmental mandates to unravel citizens’ constitutional right to manage individual health.

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