Food for thought

Sat. 08/28/21 –

When I was a young man I had no interest in politics. I was naive enough to think the both major political parties would work toward improving our country and the welfare of its citizens. In 1992 I started listening to Rush Limbaugh on the radio and became much more politically aware. After 29 years of increased political awareness I have evolved into a hardcore skeptic. I think that Scully and Mulder, of the old X-Files TV series had the right approach – Trust No One. The motives of those in power or seeking power are always suspect. To deny the existence of a “deep state” is unrealistic. Our government no longer is “of the people, for the people, and by the people.” The deep state’s primary goal is self preservation.

Since the Democraps think the government should be in complete control of everything they assume it is on their side. So we libertarians and conservatives have a huge fight on our hands to preserve the country we love.

For the four years of the Trump administration I watched in disgust as the left did everything they could to obstruct everything President Trump did. Then in Jan. 2020 along comes the Wuhan virus outbreak and something very nefarious happened or everyone lost their minds. The extent of the lunacy, and the medical community’s dereliction of duty are best described by Dr. Peter McCullough in the video I linked to below. It is 83 minutes of enlightenment that you will want to see and understand.

Rush was Right!