At last…

Mon. 08/09/21 – Ever since the early days of the current pandemic when the issue became so politicized, I refused to believe anything that was being said about it by anyone. There was so much obvious misinformation. There was no credibility to be found anywhere on the political spectrum. All the so-called experts chose which political side they were on and twisted the facts to match their political perspective.

It was pretty clear to me that no one in the public forum really was paying any attention to the actual science despite their raucous proclamations to the contrary. It had been my contention from the very beginning that respiratory viruses are essentially impossible to control. The ongoing battle with the common cold is ample evidence of that. And the mask madness was absolute nonsense. But I mostly kept my views private because the mask nazis are so belligerent.

I just saw a video (link below) of a doctor identified as Dan Stock, who stood up at the school board meeting in Mt. Vernon and finally let the cat out of the bag. The man, who obviously knew what he was talking about, spelled it out so that even the dim bulbs could understand that what’s been happening is all unnecessary nonsense.

Do not misinterpret what I’m saying here. This is a deadly serious disease, that has caused a lot of suffering and death. The world is a dangerous place, and lots of things happen which are beyond our control. The way we have reacted to it has made the overall situation dramatically worse without reducing the direct negative effects of the disease.

I can assure you that this video is well worth the 6-7 minutes it will take to watch it. I wish there was a transcription I could study. Check it out.

Rush was right!