The tragedy of abortion

Wed. 05/04/22 – In this country the abortion issue probably will never be satisfactorily resolved. As long as there are so many women who believe it is appropriate to terminate their pregnancy simply because it’s inconvenient, while others believe that abortion is morally equivalent to murder, there is little or no room for compromise. I… Continue reading The tragedy of abortion

Something is going on

Fri 02/11/22 – The Freedom Convoy protesters are still blocking various places in Canada while waiting for the authorities to make their next move. Other than threatening the truckers with outrageous fines, loss of licenses, etc. it has been suspiciously quiet. I suspect something like a police raid in the wee hours, but I think… Continue reading Something is going on

Appearance is not reality

Thur. 02/10/22 – There are interesting developments in Ottawa to day. When the fuel that was confiscated by the police was returned to the Freedom Convoy truckers, they wisely checked to see it the police had tampered with it, and they discovered that it was contaminated with water, and perhaps other foreign material. As this… Continue reading Appearance is not reality

Quite a surprise

Wed. 02/09/21 – Just after posting yesterday’s blog I checked one of my news sources (Citizen Free Press) and discovered that a Canadian judge has ruled that the confiscation of fuel, and who knows what else, from the Freedom Convoy truckers by the police was inappropriate, and he (she ?) ordered that all the seized… Continue reading Quite a surprise

Disorder north of the border

Tues – 02/08/22 – I have been watching with great interest the very high stakes chess match that is being played by our neighbors to the north. The Freedom Convoy truckers have waged an exceptional duel with the Canadian authorities which I’m sure is being carefully studied by nervous authorities around the world who fear… Continue reading Disorder north of the border

A painful lesson

Sun. 02/06/22 – It has been a while since I was sufficiently motivated to add anything here because so many others were, so much more eloquently, saying what I was thinking. There is no shortage of people discussing the sad state of our current national politcal situation or the the Wuhan flu debacle. I thought… Continue reading A painful lesson

Is it just me?

Wed. 12/22/21 – Well here we (Murphy and I) are in North Miami FL evading the Midwest winter weather for three months. I thought I would be motivated to spend more time with this little blog, but that hasn’t panned out yet. But I did promise myself that I would do more walking here than… Continue reading Is it just me?

Justice for Jussie

Fri. 12/10/21 – By now almost everyone who pays any attention to the national news has heard the Jussie Smollett was found guilty of five felonies related to the hoax he perpetrated on Jan. 29, 2019. A jury found his story about being attacked by a couple of Trump supporters, while walking home from a… Continue reading Justice for Jussie

We’re being scammed

Mon. 12/06/21 – Yesterday a friend of mine tried to persuade me to get the Wuhan Flu booster shot. I explained to her that not only are these so-called vaccines very dangerous, but their use hasn’t produced any data showing that they’re very effective. If there was any credible evidence that the “vaccines” were at… Continue reading We’re being scammed

Polls instead of news

Thu. 11/18/21 – Polls have probably always been an important part of political campaigns. Everyone running for public office wants to know how best to appeal to voters. He or she is interested in knowing their opinions on the current issues. Polls are also useful to others, such as manufacturers contemplating bringing a new product… Continue reading Polls instead of news