Is it just me?

Wed. 12/22/21 – Well here we (Murphy and I) are in North Miami FL evading the Midwest winter weather for three months. I thought I would be motivated to spend more time with this little blog, but that hasn’t panned out yet. But I did promise myself that I would do more walking here than… Continue reading Is it just me?

Justice for Jussie

Fri. 12/10/21 – By now almost everyone who pays any attention to the national news has heard the Jussie Smollett was found guilty of five felonies related to the hoax he perpetrated on Jan. 29, 2019. A jury found his story about being attacked by a couple of Trump supporters, while walking home from a… Continue reading Justice for Jussie

We’re being scammed

Mon. 12/06/21 – Yesterday a friend of mine tried to persuade me to get the Wuhan Flu booster shot. I explained to her that not only are these so-called vaccines very dangerous, but their use hasn’t produced any data showing that they’re very effective. If there was any credible evidence that the “vaccines” were at… Continue reading We’re being scammed

Polls instead of news

Thu. 11/18/21 – Polls have probably always been an important part of political campaigns. Everyone running for public office wants to know how best to appeal to voters. He or she is interested in knowing their opinions on the current issues. Polls are also useful to others, such as manufacturers contemplating bringing a new product… Continue reading Polls instead of news

Horse paste – horse feathers

Tue. 11/16/21 – Despite what you hear from the fake news media and the American medical community, Ivermectin is not “Horse Paste”. It is not some Snake Oil concocted by a fly-by-night chemical company trying to make a fast buck. It is a very effective, FDA approved, drug used primarily in treating parasite infections in… Continue reading Horse paste – horse feathers

No booster for me

Fri. 11/12/21 – Why don’t I want a Wuhan Virus booster shot? The benefit does not justify the risk. If I knew then what I know now I wouldn’t have gotten the vaccine in the first place. When the the Wuhan Virus was brought to this country at the beginning of last year it quickly… Continue reading No booster for me

Yes, I’m still here

Mon. 10/11/21 – I learned many years ago that I often overestimate the magnitude of the obstacles I might encounter when planning activities or projects. I suspect that this characteristic is not unique to me. This can be a serious handicap it you let it delay or prevent you from doing something you’d like to… Continue reading Yes, I’m still here

Food for thought

Sat. 08/28/21 – When I was a young man I had no interest in politics. I was naive enough to think the both major political parties would work toward improving our country and the welfare of its citizens. In 1992 I started listening to Rush Limbaugh on the radio and became much more politically aware.… Continue reading Food for thought


Fri. 08/27/21 – Many people probably have no idea what a spreadsheet is or how useful it could be. What I’m going to discuss is a computer program, currently referred to as an application. The program enables one to create tables of information which can easily sorted and manipulated in a wide variety of ways.… Continue reading Spreadsheets


Fri. 08/13/21 – Well, it’s Friday the thirteenth. I hope those of you who are superstitious have a great day. (I hope everyone else has a great day as well.) Below you will find an article which could have been stolen from me by a mind reader. Mr. Green says exactly what I have… Continue reading Bullseye!